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If you are visiting the French Riviera soon and you want a special treatment when you go there, I recommend you to get driven around for your own personal tours (tours of French Riviera).

The most important things to see in Nice

The renowned Promenade des Anglais, a long street by the sea shaded by palm trees and bordered by bars, cafés and restaurants, is a must. Overlooking the Promenade, and the Bay of Angels more commonly called “La Baie des Anges”, and also the famous Negresco Hotel, an architectural marvel with a distinguished art collection and home to several exquisite restaurants. One of the highlights of this city is of course the historical centre, Old Nice.

Take your time to marvel at the wonderful architecture and enjoy the local culture. Boutiques, shops and restaurants grace the cobblestoned streets. The markets especially are not to be missed if you want to sample the local fare. From here you can go up to Castle Hill, which was the original location of the protected citadel, from where you will have a magnificent view of the port, the promenade and the old city.

Get tours of Nice with a personal driver

Nice tours will take you on a breath-taking discovery of the city while being driven around in a luxurious car with your very own personal driver. Take all the time you need to explore and visit this city. This prestige tour will take you through the main sights of one of the most popular cities of the French Riviera without being bothered by the crowds of people.

So, are you feeling like visiting the Cote d’Azur with a personal tour?