An Introduction to French Dessert Wines

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Wine connoisseurs are always on the lookout for new and unique tasting experiences, especially when it comes to France. French Dessert Wines offer a special way to explore the world of wine tasting. These types of wines are typically served after dinner and made with sweet and indulgent ingredients grown within France – giving it its distinctive flavor and aroma.

What Are French Dessert Wines?

French Dessert Wines are wines crafted with specific grape varieties and sweetness levels to produce a sweet, rich, flavorful experience. Common grape varieties used for production include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat; their sweetness levels range from dry to sweet; those with higher residual sugar contents usually offer the sweetest experience.

Understanding French Dessert Wines of Different Types

Dessert wines are widely popular around France, and each region has its own distinct style and characteristics that should be taken into consideration when selecting a wine for an after-dinner drink.


This sparkling white wine, produced from grapes grown in France, is served as a dessert wine. Its light, fruity taste makes it ideal for pairing with various desserts.

Vin Doux Naturel (VDN)

This sweet and fortified wine hailing from southern France is typically served after dinner. With its sweet yet full-bodied flavor profile, this drink makes an excellent accompaniment to desserts.


This sweet red wine from southern France is ideal for pairing with desserts. It has aromas of dark fruits and a full, robust flavor.

Vin de Paille

This dessert wine is made from grapes dried on straw mats and served after dinner. Its sweet and complex taste makes it ideal for pairing with desserts.


A sweet dessert wine from Bordeaux region of France, perfect for pairing with desserts. This wine has a subtle but fruity taste which makes it the ideal accompaniment.

Pouring white wine to go with the dessert

Wine white to go along with a great dessert


Food Pairings for French Dessert Wines


Cheese is a timeless accompaniment for French wines. No matter if you’re sipping white or red, there’s sure to be an appropriate cheese that goes along with it. From Brie de Meaux to Fourme d’Ambert and beyond, there’s sure to be a cheese to match any type of French dessert wine – from red Bordeaux to Loire Valley whites – no matter the occasion or the wine itself!

Cheese appetizer for wine

Red wine to go with strong cheeses


Fruit is another popular pairing for French wines. The sweet and acidic tastes of various fruits can be an enjoyable contrast to the complex aromas present in French wines. From apples and pears to cherries and blackberries, tartness from fruit pairs perfectly with sweetness from wine. For a more savory take, add nuts such as hazelnuts or walnuts into the equation for greater savory pleasure.

white wine and fruit

Fruits and wine white, delicious match !


Chocolate is a classic pairing for French wines. The rich, creamy texture of chocolate pairs beautifully with the full-bodied flavors present in French dessert wines. From dark to milk chocolate, there’s sure to be a chocolate that brings out the best qualities in any French dessert wine.

Chocolate praline and red wine

Chocolate praline with a great red wine


Desserts make an ideal pairing with French wines. No matter if it’s just a simple tart or an elaborate treat, pairing French wines brings out the best flavors in each dessert. From creamy custards to chocolate mousses, a good French wine can enhance your dessert’s flavors.

dessert cake and wine

Beautiful cake to enjoy with great wine

French Dessert Wines are some of the world’s most beloved wines. From sweet to sparkling varieties, these delectable beverages will surely please your palate. No matter if you prefer a sweet fortified wine or something sparkling, there’s sure to be an appropriate French Dessert Wine for every special occasion. With their distinct flavor profiles and food pairings, French Dessert Wines make for an enjoyable way to commemorate special events.

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