How Can Art Raise Awareness for Environment?

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Art is a very powerful tool for expression and it is a useful platform for addressing crisis scenarios that affect our day to day lives such as global warming, loss of wildlife habitat, and deforestation among others. An environment association is there to make people aware of the disasters that human create towards nature.

Many artists use nature as inspiration, and most of them are now using it to remind people that they should take care of the environment. These artists have taken part in exhibitions to showcase their environmental awareness works of art and have also collaborated with organizations like the United Nations Environmental Program to reach a larger audience.

Phillipe Pastor: An Artist Fighting for the Environmental Cause

Phillipe Pastor is an artist who uses his talent to showcase the need for people to care about the environment.

Different parts of the world experience forest fires every summer: in the year 2006, Portugal, Spain and the South of France were severely affected by wildfires and Phillipe Pastor expressed his endeavours and anger to raise awareness for individual environmental responsibility. Through art, Phillipe Pastor sensitises the public on the long-term damage of forest fires. Phillipe Pastor has made the “Burned Trees” sculptures using burned tree trunks and other pieces of art that have led him to work in close collaboration with UNEP.

Art: Making People Care for Environment

This type of art was indeed created to encourage people to care about environment. Phillipe Pastor’s “Burned Trees” sculptures were used in the Plant for the Planet UNEP program to sensitize people in Singapore by planting trees. His burnt trees exhibition in Nice led the protection of trees and shrubs in the Côte d’Azur.

Caring for the environment should not be left for Art & Environment Association, (UNEP Monaco) international organisations or even world governments it’s a responsibility for all of us because we only have one world and we should care for it.

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