Lights on Philippe Pastor, famous artist in Monaco

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To stand out as an artist in Monaco’s exposition centres, you have to be good, and this is what Philippe Pastor has shown in the last ten years. Philippe Pastor was born in Monaco in the year 1961: he is a renowned painter and one of the best artist Monaco.

Who is this artist who performs in Monaco?

Philippe Pastor works between Spain and Monaco and most of his art pieces consist of living matter. His art combines soil, minerals, plants and various pigments that transform through time. His work is a representation of his life vision, environmental degradation and man’s effect on the society. His biggest breakthrough came after he took part in the 52nd and 53rd Venice Biennale.

Let’s talk about his work

One of his best paintings include the “Le Ciel Regarde la Terre”, these three paintings represent his greatest work. They incorporate natural pigments like ochre, green, brown, blue and natural elements i.e. dry leaves, branches and sand. They are manipulated through fire, compressed air and water to present a shapeless depiction of the earth. His main theme is man’s negligence of the environment. Other pieces of work include the hearts collection, Burned Trees and H20, all continue with the theme of protecting the environment.06