How to create a playful environment for children?

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Artwall and Co proposes you today an article on playrooms for children. If you have room in your house and wish to please your little ones, this is the perfect project to associate them in the creation, decoration and layout of the furniture.

To avoid having in the end a toy storeroom, our team suggests some ideas and advice for the decoration to have the perfect playroom!

The ground, the most important

Before laying out the furniture ready for the various cuddly toys, you must pay great attention to the ground. The environment being for children they must be spoilt.

To do so, you will prefer a soft surface so they will not get hurt as they will play on the ground most of the time. A large or fitted carpet may be the solution. You can also go for the puzzle-type surfacing to reduce or relocate the playing spaces as you wish. We, Artwall and Co, prefer a nice colourful fitted carpet to protect your child and give the room some harmony.

The furniture (many cushions, much storage and racks)

Let us consider the furniture now. The essential elements for a child’s playroom are the cushions. You will have many. They will be big, small, round, square, and so on. You will, of course, need some storage room to put them away and keep the room clean and tidy.

Low shelves will be a good choice if your child is old enough to put them away but the shelves will be set higher if you do not want your child to pull things out of the shelves (especially for the little ones as they might hurt themselves).

Many colours

For your child to feel like going in the room, you will make it attractive and colourful. You will prefer bright and varied colours to create a rainbow. The primary colours will be appropriate, yellow, green, red or blue. They will brighten the room and give a pleasant and lively atmosphere.

Wall and hanging deco canvases

To decorate your walls, a design canvas may be an interesting solution. Artwall and Co proposes a whole range of modern canvases for children. As an example: the Funny Animals multiple canvas that you can hang on the walls according to your imagination. What is more, your child will learn about the different animals on these decorative pictures full of humour and tenderness.