Which type of yacht should I buy?

Does the luxurious lifestyle of owning a yacht appeal to you? Whether it is new or old, it is possible to buy a boat (yachts for sale) and even make some interesting investments in the process. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a yacht.

Why buying a yacht?

When you’re aboard a yacht, you’re king of the sea! Yachts measure at least 20 metres in length. You can decorate the interior however you want. You can use it all year round; you can even take a paddle in the sea in the middle of winter!

Why buying a super yacht?

A super yacht is in the upper echelons of the yacht category, measuring between 40 and 60 metres in length. You need a bigger budget for this because it requires a bigger crew to manage. But, if you’re on such a boat, you’ll definitely get some comments about it!

Super yacht: my new home!
Super yacht: my new home!

Why buying a mega yacht?

Mega yachts measure more than 60 metres in length. There’s nothing wrong with having some extra space to store your jet-ski! You could even use a boat such as this as a permanent home.

Tenders: get one for your yacht!

You should really think about using tenders http://www.atiyachts.com/gb/tenders-toys-loc.php which are really practical little vessels. They can act as lifeboats in case of damage or collision, but also as a little boat you can go out to explore a creek or mini paradise!

Before buying a yacht, remember that there are several important factors to consider. And if you have already bought one, what about visiting the French Riviera by boat ?

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  1. I am so tempted to think about buying a yacht! Imagine sailing the Seven Seas… and bathing in the warm waters whenever you wanted!

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