Which type of yacht should I buy?

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Does the luxurious lifestyle of owning a yacht appeal to you? Whether it is new or old, it is possible to buy a boat and even make some interesting investments in the process. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a yacht.

Why buying a yacht?

When you’re aboard a yacht, you’re king of the sea! Yachts measure at least 20 metres in length. You can decorate the interior however you want. You can use it all year round; you can even take a paddle in the sea in the middle of winter!

Why buying a super yacht?

A super yacht is in the upper echelons of the yacht category, measuring between 40 and 60 metres in length. You need a bigger budget for this because it requires a bigger crew to manage. But, if you’re on such a boat, you’ll definitely get some comments about it!

Super yacht: my new home!

Super yacht: my new home!

Why buying a mega yacht?

Mega yachts measure more than 60 metres in length. There’s nothing wrong with having some extra space to store your jet-ski! You could even use a boat such as this as a permanent home.

Tenders: get one for your yacht!

You should really think about using tenders which are really practical little vessels. They can act as lifeboats in case of damage or collision, but also as a little boat you can go out to explore a creek or mini paradise!

Before buying a yacht, remember that there are several important factors to consider. And if you have already bought one, what about visiting the French Riviera by boat ?