Valentine’s day gift idea: romantic night aboard a boat

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Love is proving every day, but when Valentine’s Day comes, it’s time to think outside the box and celebrate this holiday differently. Try something special, find a special gift that will capsize your heart. What’s more original than spending a romantic night at the edge of a boat? A moment to two under the sign of love and will remain etched in the memory.

Give him the escape of his life!

If you are still looking for an idea to surprise your half for Valentine’s Day, seduce her with an exceptional romantic getaway. The moments of stress, the obligations and the demands of everyday life, just forget about it for a moment. Go out to sea for an authentic and unforgettable valentine’s day.

A getaway far from all conducive to your rapprochement, another opportunity to prove your love. Give him the most romantic night aboard the boat with a candlelight dinner, bouquets of flowers, and a nice surprise. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere aboard the boat, let yourself be rocked by the waves. In an enchanting setting, you will forget everything. The romantic atmosphere with the dim lights will make you spend a valentine’s day more original and unforgettable.

What types of boats to choose ?

Spend your Valentine’s night at the edge of the boat. The catamaran, the yacht or the sailboat, you will be spoiled for choice.

The catamaran

Placed on the sign of love, Valentine’s Day is a time to meet and strengthen bonds. For an unforgettable and intimate experience aboard a catamaran, spend your night in a breathtaking setting. Stable and unsinkable, the catamaran will make you enjoy your moments together, with a serene atmosphere. To mark Valentine’s Day, embark on an unforgettable night aboard a catamaran, for a unique experience that will honor your love. To meet all your needs, a professional team will be at your disposal.

The yacht

For an enchanting Valentine’s Day, the best option for you is to spend a night in an exceptional boat. Small or big model, and according to the powers, choose the one which will answer your need of intimacy. In this intimate and original setting, your Valentine’s Day will be only the most romantic.

Treat yourself to luxury and unique experience aboard a magnificent yacht for a romantic getaway. A dream moment with personalized service and friendly crews that will be at your service. You will make your Valentine’s night, an intoxicating and memorable moment.

Your expectations and preferences will be taken care of. On this yacht, celebrate your love, enjoy a one-to-one dinner with the best of gastronomy. Cradled by the waves, a soft music, escape and enjoy the most beautiful starry nights. Live moments of quality matchless to two.

Admire the sunset and swap a sweet kiss on the deck. It gives you the advantage of being bigger, faster and all crowned by a universe elegantly decorated with rich electronic equipment. Enjoy the daybreak in a spacious cabin.

Spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in the atypical setting of a yacht, your security will be assured. For unforgettable moments during the Valentine’s night, the luxury and comfort of a yacht will make all the difference.

The boat

For a special gift for Valentine’s Day, take a break and spend a romantic night aboard a sailboat. Arranged and decorated with care, the yacht offers an evening out of the ordinary in an idyllic and comfortable setting. Admire the spectacle of a sunset, conducive to romance.

Create moments for two and share moments together. A moment alone in a sailboat will remind you once more of your love.

More than the day of love, Valentine’s Day is also a time to relax, a moment to two away from the tumult of the city. Spend a magical night aboard a boat.